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-When the down arrow appears press the down key to interact, the arrow will be reversed, that means you're engaged in a conversation.

-When the arrow is aiming upwards you use the up key to talk.

 -When the "GO ON" prompt appears it means you are leaving the area never to go back util another run. With your choice made press the small "enter" button on the corner of your keyboard (NOT THE BIG ONE).

-X to att

-Go to LOAD to reset the game and go for a diffrent ending.


- Branching Story with every choice given having an outcome.

- A variety of boss fights.

-Multiple hidden challenges ranging from platforming sections to Boss Fights.

-Every challenge overcome will be rewarded by a unique ability you can use for the rest of the game.

-you can check all your abilities in the journal in the menu.

-5 endings that vary based on choices.


Broken . . . Shattered . . . On a journey to redemption . . . Carrying the pain of HIS past errors . . . Seeking forgiveness by accepting a quest bestowed upon HIM by the King to cleanse the Underworld from an ancient evil . . . also giving HIM a chance for revenge from the one causing the pain in the first place . . . 

I Hope You Enjoy My Game :)


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Unforgiven II - Carry The Pain (1.0.3 Update).zip 419 MB

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Thanks, this looks pretty cool. Also I was wondering. Is this a sequel to this other game https://mastermed.itch.io/unforgiven-shattered-souls ?

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No one can escape their first game it's not as good and I honestly don't recommend it but it is a sequel to it.

I am happy you found out tho


Ah. Well thanks for the confirmation and good luck with your future game development.


You're too nice thank you

You're welcome.

The game looks amazing, well done!

Thank you this made my day


Great graphics! It looks wonderful!

Thank you so much for playing

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I really love how the game gives you the option to make choices I can say YOU'RE PRETTY GOOD!!!

PRETTY . . . GOOD . . .